You encountered Jesus during a Steubenville Conference; you’re filled with fire for God! But, now you have to go back to work, back to reality, back to the world.  How do you take your love of God back into everyday life with you?

Help is here! Learn about our mission in the world and what it means to evangelize as Catholics in these videos from the Evangelical Catholic (the EC). Designed to equip the Church for its mission of evangelization, they will inspire you and give you the direction you need to spread God’s word naturally, in a way that won’t alienate others. 

The EC needs your feedback to make this resource the best it can be. Help the Church reach the lost by answering the questions below after you watch each video.

Don’t let your fire for evangelization and discipleship derail after the conference! These EC videos equip you with the inspiration you need to live and share your faith every day of your life.


Evangelization 101 – Evangelization is GOOD news! Peter Andrastek explains “Goodnews-i-za-tion” as introducing someone to your best friend, Jesus.  Answer the question below to give us your feedback!

Prerequisite for Evangelization – You don’t need an outgoing personality or special gifts to evangelize. Jason Simon explains the prerequisite for evangelization is surrendering everything to Jesus. Answer the question below to give us your feedback!

Connection to Christ – No one evangelizes without a connection to Jesus, the true vine. “Apart from me you can do nothing” (John15:5). Learn how to strengthen your relationship with Christ using the Discipleship Wheel. Answer the question below to give us your feedback!

Person-to-Person Ministry – Scriptures are full of God speaking his great love for us individually.  Evangelization comes from loving the people Jesus loves, showing people the dignity they deserve as sons and daughters of God. If we do nothing else but connect ourselves into the vine that is Christ in order to love people, we will be fruitful in evangelization. Answer the question below to give us your feedback!

Evangelization: Our Deepest Identity Jason Simon shares his own experience of the power of Jesus’ care extended to him by disciples who cared enough to do it. He demonstrates how, when we come together unified around a goal and vision to reach people living in darkness, individual lives are transformed by the Lord. Answer the question below to give us your feedback!

Drive and Sustain the Essential Mission – Jason Simon uses a Baseball Diamond to demonstrate strategic, progressive formation that evangelizes, make disciples, and equips workers. Answer the question below to give us your feedback!

The Role of the Laity – Our mission and our vocation as laity is to be signs and instruments of Jesus’ presence in the world. Peter Andrastek gives unexpected ways to bring the Gospel to the world and encourages you to go out and do it! Answer the question below to give us your feedback!