The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology has partnered with Steubenville Conferences to offer limited-time access to its new video Bible study series, The Bible and the Virgin Mary. Over the course of 12 lessons, beginning on September 19, this study presents the participant an opportunity for growth in knowledge of Scripture and devotion to Our Lady.

The St. Paul Center is making this resource available to all members of the Steubenville Conferences community in a partnership aimed at “Keeping the fire burning all year long.”

To register for free access to this all-new series, click the button below!


A partnership between the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and Steubenville Conferences.

The St. Paul Center and Steubenville Conferences both strive to help Catholics encounter God in a new and deeper way. Steubenville Conferences aim to help their participants grow not only at the conferences but throughout the entire year.  Through their partnership with the St. Paul Center, Steubenville Conferences can provide access to countless resources which can help you grow in both faith and knowledge.  Stay tuned for more initiatives with the St. Paul Center.