A Steubenville Fuel Original Series


Looking for answers to the big questions in life?  Well, there’s an app for that! Meet J, a new employee for The Internet whose job it is to answer life’s most difficult questions.  Join J as he adjusts to his new job, his overbearing boss, and his unusual co-workers, and pursues truth through real world experience.

A new episode will be released each week, beginning June 23, 2016.  Follow us on social media to receive weekly updates!


Episode 1: It’s J’s first day on the job as an answer-generating app working for the Internet, and he gets slammed with a doozy.

Episode 2: Nobody wonders if there is suffering in this world, but to do his job, J needs to know why. He leaves his cubicle looking for answers.

Episode 3: J gets a question we’re all curious about, and goes looking for answers in the usual places.

Episode 4: Yeah, J, why not?

Episode 5: J is handed his toughest challenge yet: is it true that we only live once? Like anyone even knows that!