On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, the Steubenville Conferences hosted a webinar title “Beyond Balance – Finding Joy in Sacrifice” for youth ministers and those in ministry.

What is balance? For many in ministry it is mysterious and elusive – like hunting for a unicorn or Bigfoot. What if the idea of balance is a concept that we have created but does not really exist? Sometimes God calls us to sacrificial service and other times He calls us to rest. Sometimes He needs us to say yes and sometimes He needs us to say no. So how can we know when to say what? Come discover why seeking balance might leave you frustrated and how you can find greater peace in the midst of the chaos of life and ministry in this powerful and practical webinar.

Our panelist:
-John Beaulieu

Please enjoy this recording of the webinar! For more webinars, please visit our webinar page here!