On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, the Steubenville Conferences hosted a webinar about “Accompanying Teens on Their Spiritual Journey.”

Pope Francis challenges us in ‘Evangelii Gaudium’ with the words: “The Church will have to initiate everyone—priests, religious and laity—into this ‘art of accompaniment’ which teaches us to remove our sandals before the sacred ground of the other. The pace of this accompaniment must be steady and reassuring, reflecting our closeness and our compassionate gaze which also heals, liberates and encourages growth in the Christian life.”

Youth ministers have a very special role in this “art of accompaniment.” In this webinar, join John Beaulieu and his guests as they share about how you can walk more closely with the teens you serve on their faith journeys.

Please enjoy this recording of the webinar! For more webinars, please visit our webinar page here!