The Catholic world lost a giant of a leader this month with the death of Fr. Michael Scanlan, T.O.R. In a particular way, we want to recognize this incredible man of God who led Franciscan University for over four decades and founded the Steubenville Conferences.

One of the reasons he was so inspiring was not only what he did to turn Franciscan University into the faith-filled school it is today, but because he was such a personal witness of saying “yes” to whatever God asked of him.

In a 2011 interview with the National Catholic Register, when asked what he considered his biggest accomplishment during his time as President of the University, he responded,

The thing I am most happy that I did was pray hard for what God wanted. I would spend three or four hours in the morning in prayer before I would go to the president’s office…What stands out is that it was God who was inspiring and leading me. I was just trying to be faithful.

This faithfulness towards what was proposed to him bore particular fruit when he said yes to running a conference for priests. Out of that first conference came the many youth conferences held in Steubenville and around the United States and Canada as well as the other four adult conferences.

His consistent response to God’s call has been a profound example for so many of us working at the Steubenville Conferences. In the same way, because of his initial “yes” to starting the conferences, tens of thousands of conference participants have come to know and love God more intensely because of their own openness to the Lord.

We hope you’ll join us this year at the Steubenville Conferences. The Lord has a plan for your life—come, pray, and listen so that you might more fully respond to His call.

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