The votes have been cast and counted. The election is over. The United States has a new president.

I know I’m not alone when I say that this election exhausted me. Neither major candidate was one to whom I could whole-heartedly and joyfully give my support, and I had to hide far too many friends from my Facebook newsfeed because of the stress that their commentary was causing me.

But I think the thing that upset me most about this whole process was the amount of fear I could sense in people’s voices as they talked about the potential outcomes of this election. “If he wins, then ___.” “We’ll never be able to ___ if she wins.” “Whatever happens, America’s basically going to hell in a handbasket.” The despair was becoming almost palpable.

Yes, it is so important to consider everything a candidate could do for your country if elected; how else would you be able to decide how to vote?

But worrying about the future to the point of losing hope? We are called to a better way.

As Christians, we believe in the Resurrection – Jesus Christ’s victory over sin and death. We believe that the One who has power greater than any on earth has already won the battle for us.

It is natural to be afraid of the unknown, but that doesn’t mean that we should accept it. Fear is just a tactic that Satan uses to prevent us from living in the freedom for which God created us.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to this country going forward. Regardless of who’s sitting in the White House, things are going to change – maybe (hopefully!) for the better, maybe not. But we were not promised comfort in this world. In fact, we basically signed up for discomfort when we chose to live the Christian life (see Matthew 10:16-22).

Whether you’re happy or not – or somewhere in between – about the results of this election, remember that we were created for a world far greater than this one. Do your best to love and to try to bring about peace and justice while you are here (and pray – pray a lot), but remember that one day this will all pass away and the eternal Kingdom of our Heavenly Father will be all that remains.

Through it all, Jesus Christ is on the Throne. And for that reason, I rejoice.

Allie Wehner
Allie Wehner


Allie Wehner works behind the scenes on the Steubenville Conferences team as the Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Engagement & Marketing. She believes that blankets and baked goods can soothe any hurts, still enjoys making mix CDs in this Spotify age, and once filled half a journal in a three-week span.