How did you first hear about the Steubenville Conferences? Perhaps you heard about it through the radio or online, but chances are you were invited to come by someone you knew personally. In fact, last year, approximately 80% of new conference attendees came because a friend invited them to attend. Someone stepped out on a limb a little bit to ask you if you’d be interested and now you’re convicted enough about the power of these conferences that you’re ready to invite others.

Remember that ultimately it is God who gives people the grace-filled experiences they have at Steubenville Conferences. For some, that is hearing an inspirational speaker. For others, it’s quiet prayer in the chapel. For others, it’s a transformative conversation with someone they meet at lunch or with a priest in the Confessional.

What each of these scenarios have in common is that while God was moving in the hearts of each person affected by His love, He was doing that with the cooperation of other people. The many priests who hear Confessions at the conference. The speakers who work so hard to prepare dynamic talks. The Franciscan University staff who maintain the grounds and building as peaceful places to encounter Christ.

And with your willingness to share the Gospel, God also will use you to bring other people to Him. So next time you are considering inviting someone to the Steubenville Conferences, first pause and ask the Holy Spirit for the right words to say. He’ll take it from there.

Here are a few tips that might help along the way:

  1. Make the ask in the first place. You might be surprised at how many people wish their friends would come with them to a Steubenville Conference, but never work up the courage to ask them. No wonder they’re attending alone!
  2. Share Your Story. When someone shares a powerful story about the Steubenville Conferences, and it’s clearly authentic, sometimes that’s all that’s needed to convince the person to sign up themselves.
  3. Avoid words that might cause feelings of guilt. Keep it positive; phrases like “If you really cared about your relationship with God, you’d come with me…” are almost guaranteed to turn someone off from the idea of attending a conference this summer.
  4. Give people time to make a decision. Don’t rush it; allow your friend or family member time to pray about attending a conference with you. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to inviting a friend or two to attend this summer’s conferences with you. Come Holy Spirit!  Remember, if you and your friend register before April 29, you’ll receive the Early Bird Discount which, depending upon the conference, can provide up to $25 of savings, on top of a cash rebate from Steubenville Conferences just for bringing a friend along with you. Don’t delay – register today!

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