By John Beaulieu, Director of Partnerships and Engagement
Steubenville Conferences

One of my heroes is a man named Gordy.  When I was 18, Gordy invited to be a part of a retreat that changed my life. On this retreat I went to confession for the first time in ten years, I committed my life to Christ and heard the call to go into ministry.  I would not have chosen to go on this retreat on my own. In fact, I had never even heard of it.  But someone who knew that I needed Jesus invited me to come. That person’s invitation not only changed my life, but helped changed the livers of the thousands of teens and adults that I have ministered to over the past 32 years.

You, too, can be a hero.

By participating in our “Share Our Mission” program, you can have the same effect on someone’s life that Gordy had on mine. “Share Our Mission” is built on invitation. So was Christ’s ministry. By simply inviting someone who has never been to a Steubenville Conference, you can open to their lives to a personal experience of Christ’s love and a deeper faith in His mercy.

Here are some simple tips to make your involvement as successful as possible:

  • Pray and ask Jesus to tell you who you should invite. He often sets up “divine appointments” with those who are seeking for Him.
  • Pray for the person you have invited. Our prayers for the salvation of others are very effective. Pray that their hearts are open as they prepare for the conference.
  • Share your story. The best way to help people understand how amazing the experience of a Steubenville Conference is to share how your life has changed. Share how Jesus has changed your life.
  • Speak to their hearts. Most people have “reasons” for not wanting to believe but their hearts are always hungry for what only Christ can give. Saying things like, “God touches lives at the Power and Purpose Conference. If you are looking for deeper peace or joy or to be strengthened in your faith, this is something that could really help you” speaks to those desires.
  • Walk them through the registration process. For some people, for desire to take action there needs be a gentle nudge.

When Andrew met Jesus, he ran to his brother, Peter, so that he could introduce him to Jesus.  Through his invitation, God raised up two mighty saints, including our first Pope. Never underestimate the amazing things God wants to do through you in the simple things of life.

Be assured of our prayers for you as you seek to join us in our mission to “Go, rebuild My Church.” God bless you.

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