It’s Holy Saturday, and the world is as silent as the grave. Literally.

As a Church, we spend the day in a seemingly awkward in-between state — we are no longer at the foot of the Cross, but we aren’t able to celebrate the glorious Resurrection of our Lord yet.

And so we wait at the tomb in silence.

There have been so many times in my own life where I have received nothing but silence from the Lord. I will ask for clarity or assistance in a certain situation, and He will remain silent. And that’s usually when little doubts begin to sneak into my mind and my heart.

I think about Jesus’ apostles and disciples on the day after His death. They had left behind their entire lives to follow Him, and they were sure that they believed every word He said. But on the first Holy Saturday they had to have been second-guessing themselves at least a little bit, because the same Jesus who had claimed to be the Messiah, their Savior, now seemed to be very, very dead.

Sometimes, when God is silent — as He was on that first Holy Saturday — I allow those little doubts to take hold of me. Like the disciples, I have seen that the Lord upholds His promises, I have seen Him work wonders in my own life and in the lives of people around me, and yet I seem to forget all of that in the face of my fear. And that is where my doubts come from — fear. I become afraid that Jesus isn’t who He says He is, afraid that He will abandon me when I most need Him, afraid that there is no Resurrection in the end.

But those are lies — lies straight from the mouth of Satan. The reality is that Jesus is exactly who He says He is, that He will never abandon us, and that He proved that by rising from the dead so that we can one day experience eternity with Him in heaven.

Holy Saturday is a day of silence, but also a day of great hope. The silence is not an empty one, but rather, it holds the promise of the Resurrection.

So today, as you wait, remember that our God is faithful and His promises are true. He is always with us, even when we can’t feel Him or hear Him.

The Resurrection is coming.

Have hope.

Allie Wehner
Allie Wehner


Allie Wehner works behind the scenes on the Steubenville Conferences team as the Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Engagement & Marketing. She believes that blankets and baked goods can soothe any hurts, still enjoys making mix CDs in this Spotify age, and once filled half a journal in a three-week span.